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Stevie Wonder
A man, a musician, an artist
Genuine, authentic, generous and supportive..., the genius with more magic of the music of our time. Virtuous on the keyboards, powerful with his voice and with an exquisite sensitivity conveying emotions flowing through delicious compositions performed masterfully. Stevie Wonder is much more than a musician, is a reference to the music of the 20th-21st century and point of inspiration for new generations create music with soul. Precursor in the use of synthesizers, is the key and the cornerstone to display the soul music of today. Throught this web we only try to announce the musical excellences of this man, Stevie Wonder. In his long musical trajectory it has left one to us without end of songs and compositions.


No one doubts the extraordinary state musical in live of Stevie Wonder. They are more than a decade that leads through all the continents, proving a brutal vitality and a majestic musical set by excellent musicians able to leave satisfied the public most demanding. Again this year 2016 Stevie returns to Europe, Will perform in its entirety one of the best albums in the history of music in his 40th years of publication. SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE.
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Billboard Top Ten, charts and sales Stevie Grammys

Pioneer and visionary of music, is the first artist to put the single and album simultaneously at number one on the charts of sale, besides being the youngest person to get it, and is the first artist in history to get at the same time the number 1 four different Billboard charts with a song. They are 50 years creating music have seen rewarded with numerous numbers one, places privileged in the most important lists of the whole world, like the Billboard, 25 awards Grammy and especially the respect of the industry of the musician and the public in general.


Beyoncé-Tribute-SongsWe recall the tribute that made last year to Stevie Wonder and his legendary album Songs in the Key of Life. It happened a few days after the 2015 Grammy awards and under the name "Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life - All-Star Grammy Salute". The show started with an incredible Beyoncé playing Fingertips, continuing with Master Blaster and Higher Ground, accompanied by Ed Sheeran & Gary Clark Jr.

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The essence of a genius

Black Orchid Like a messiah of the music it were, he emerged a being that was to illuminate and mark the path of the most popular and universal of cultural events, the music. His creativity and influence has been absorbed naturally by all generations of composers and singers, because seeing the legacy of Stevie Wonder and above all, listening to his songs, you know that Stevie Wonder has the prism sonorous more pure and transparent of the Earth, able make you feel emotions, and enjoy with his music and you not feel cheated.

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Stevie Wonder memorial
From the heart of stevie...

Some reading and music through small extensions on the life and works of Stevie Wonder, that lets us know a little more their quality and generosity as a musician and person.

He born to be a star, with a unparalleled talent with a light strongly radiating thanks to his great capacity to excite and transmit through his music and voice. The lovers of the music we know that Stevie Wonder will always be a reference so looking at the past, living in the present, as dreaming of the future.