Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

Make Sure You're Sure

1991 álbum JUNGLE FEVER

Compositores * Stevie Wonder
Producción y arreglos * Stevie Wonder
Músicos * Alvino Bennet: Drums, Greg Poree: String, Stevie Wonder: resto instrumentos


Make Sure You're Sure

Make Sure You're Sure


Well the night is young
And the stars are out
And your eyes are all aglow
And you say you feel
Ways you've never felt
But are you sure, make sure you're sure

Well, the wine is sweet
And the music sways
And your lips are so divine
And you say you know
That you're falling in love
Now, let's be mature, make sure you're sure

I'm not accustomed to wearing my feelings
In a place that's so obvious to see
But if eyes don't lie
There's a chance that you are not fooling yourself
and me

Well the night is through
And the sun's come out
And so too has your lovely smile
And you vow to stay
In these arms always
Can you endure, now are you sure

Love can be so insecure
So please be sure
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