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Someday At Christmas Someday At Christmas


"Someday At Christmas" is an album for the Christmas market, which is very typical in the United States, with songs produced by Henry Cosby and performed by Stevie some Christmas classics like "The Little Drummer Boy" and "Silver Bells", which must be added his own the signature Motown, in particular Ron Miller -no compositions by Stevie- so it is somewhat cold and "spare"

This disc was again republished in 2004, was re-mastered and added two bonus tracks, "The Miracles of Christmas" and "Everyone's A Kid At Christmas Time".

Tracklist / * Composer

  • Someday at Christmas
    * Miller, Wells
  • Silver bells
    * Evans, Livingston
  • Ave Maria
    * Schubert
  • The little drummer boy
    * Boy Davis, Onorati, Simeone
  • One little Christmas tree
    * Tree Miller, Wells
  • The day that love began
    * Began Miller, Wells
  • The Christmas song
    * Torme, Wells
  • Bedtime for toys
    * Miller, Murden
  • Christmas time
    * Selegna
  • Twinkle twinkle little me
    * Miller, OMalley
  • A warm little home on a hill
    * Miller, Wells
  • What Christmas means to me
    * Gaye, Gordy, Story
  • Everyone's A Kid At Christmas Time*
    * Sol Selegna
  • The Miracles Of Christmas *
    * Ron Miller
* Songs included in the re-release from the album 2004.

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