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The Woman In Red The Woman In Red


The Woman In Red is a selection of the soundtrack to the Gene Wilder's comedy with the same name. With the song "I Just Call To Say I Love You", Get the Oscar for the Best Original Song, win a Golden Globe, and three Grammy Nominations as "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance", "Song of the Year" and "Best Pop Instrumental Performance". Undoubtedly the ballad of the year Some even dare to say the ballad of the century, but what is certain is that open a little door to RB and black music in general into Spanish market. The single remains at number 1 on charts of the world for a long time.

The rest of the album, many of them are songs with the collaboration of singer Dionne Warwick and a more commercial pop in the sales here in Spain are doing very well, helped by the song "Don't Drive Drunk" that serves basis for the campaign of the Traffic Department of Spain, "if you drink do not drive", is a good step in the commercial and awaiting what will be an authentic album Stevie Wonder, as this disc is a series of songs Stevie who brings to the soundtrack of the Red Women, taking a half away "In Square Circle" his future disco.

Firma Stevie Wonder

Tracklist / * Composer

  • The Woman in Red
    * Wonder
  • It's You
    * Wonder
  • It's More Than You
    * Ben Bridges
  • I Just Called to Say I Love You
    * Wonder
  • Love Light in Flight
    * Wonder
  • Moments Aren't Moments
    * Wonder
  • Weakness
    * Wonder
  • Don't Drive Drunk
    * Wonder

I Just Call To Say I Love You I Just Call To Say I Love You Love Light In Flight

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