Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

Documentary Journey Throught The Secrets Life of Plants

The Secret Life Of Plants
Journey Throught The Secrets Life of Plants was the soundtrack what Stevie Wonder composed for the documentary film of Wallon Green, based on a book of the same name wrote in 1973 by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. Documentary producer Michael Braun, and sound engineer Gary Olazabal, were broadcasting and describing detail after detail each sequence of the documentary, and Stevie Wonder was transformed they into sound sensations. The technical mastery of Stevie Wonder, fused perfectly with the suggestive mysticism that radiated the content of the documentary, creating a fascinating testimony of the emotional and spiritual symbiosis that can exist between plants and man.

The documentary lasted more than an hour and a half, and was far ahead of its time, giving plants a force and perception at the height of the human, although they do not have a nervous system. The album was also atypical, with a number of instrumental themes that magically Stevie Wonder managed to capture the harmony of the plant world. Classical music, Japanese or Indian folklore, jazz, African music or soul-funk was the sonorous thread to this universe.
It's a soundtrack impregnated with emotion and simplicity of extraordinary beauty, where is giving absolute priority to the creativity to the detriment of the commerciality. Sometimes they enter into the force and grandeur of the creation of nature, sometimes in the mysterious, the sombre, or the darkness of a swamp, but always surrounded by daintiness and sonorous tenderness. An album of worship for many people getting his digital recordings were influences for the new digital sound that will come a little later in the music of the 80's.
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