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Already decades have passed since the last time Stevie Wonder gave us his acting presence in Spain. It was the Natural Wonder, a world tour that has been long gone. There were still embers of success with "The Wom,an In Red" and his song "I Just Call To Say I Love You", as a campaign for the Traffic Department that clinched top place in popularity.

It was the discovery of a man and his music to many ears, something incredible seeing Stevie history in past decades. But it was, the public was accustomed to hearing the music of the moment on the radio hot, music "throwaway". There was no place to hear artists and music that were based on history and the base of the music of that time and years ahead. But so it was, the general public was accustomed to listen to the music of the moment that the radio stations offered, music of "to use and to throw". There was no place to listen to artists and music that was history and basis of the foundations of the music of that moment and years to come.

The language is a Handicap difficult to save, especially for an audience unaccustomed to soul music and rnb. Spanish culture is very different from the Anglo-Saxon, drought in publications and new jobs did the rest. Now is no time for regrets and blame anyone why has not returned to Spain after the long period of time.

Sure there will be many other countries that ask the same, we are many on this planet. Nevertheless, we are lacking a little attention. Yes, it is possible that in England, Germany or Italy can fill venues for several days, but should have the same value a fan in Spain than anywhere else in the world. But are several ties with Stevie and the spanish world.

In the 1988 a duet with Julio Iglesias on "My Love", collaboration with Gloria Estefan in the year 2003 on "Into You", the song "Ngiculela/Es Una Historia/I Am Singing" from his double album Songs In The Key Of Life, spanish versions of songs from the 60 as:

Stevie in spanish
Un Lugar En El Sol Play

Por Primera Vez En Mi Vida Play

Mi Querido Amor Play

Mi Ayer, Tu Ayer, El Ayer Play
Stevie sing in spanish
We can not forget artists from spanish world who have made versions of classics by Stevie Wonder as Presuntos Implicados in the album entitled Selección Natural in 2002, the song was "Es Una Historia"(Ngiculela/Es Una Historia/I Am Singing). The Chamorro in 1999 from the album Llovió el amor dared with "Te Canto A Tí" (Another Star). Cristian Castro in 1994 with "Mi Querido Amor" (My Cherie Amour). The version of Pitingo this past year 2010 on his album Olé y Amén of the song "I Just Call To Say I Love You". The Fundación Tony Manero conducted earlier this century versions with his funky roll of "Superstition" and "Livin' For The City", or rather unusual collaboration with Stevie Wonder this Spanish trio called Oil in 1992 released his album titled A Matar Hormigas Con La Espalda, inside which we find a collaboration of Stevie Wonder on harmonica on the song "Mejor Será Que Te Espere", Or the wonderful incursion in the Salsa music with Fania All-Stars. Are some rescues sure many others have done and that makes us feel closer to Stevie Wonder.
(Presuntos Implicados) Es Una Historia
(Las Chamorro) Te Canto A Tí
(Oil) Mejor Será Que Te Espere
Cristian Castro Mi Querido Amor
(Pitingo) I Just Call To Say...
(Fundación Tony Manero)* Superstition
(Fundación Tony Manero)* Livin' For The City
(Fania All-Stars) Quítate Tú/Hang On Sloopy
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